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If you can be in school from early morning Not leaving till the meeting ends at ten, While knowing that tomorrow’s Parents’ Evening Will mean you get to do it all again; If you can represent your setting’s workforce, But … Continue reading

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The Journey of the Blogi

A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a long journey: From Bristol, Cheshire, Chelmsford, To Aviation House, Where the five invited blogi assembled, To talk with Mike Cladingbowl, … Continue reading

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Haiku Calendar for 2011

January 2011 Review to take place of National Curriculum: Call for Evidence February 2011 First Munro report on child protection matters shifts safeguarding focus March 2011 Targets for Year 5 no longer have to be set by each December April … Continue reading

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A way to focus your school-governing thoughts, shown here in haiku form* …. W What is our main aim? Where are we up to so far? What’s holding us back? H How will we fix this? Are there any hindrances? Have … Continue reading

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The Pay Policy Disaster

Oh, Beautiful Governors’ Policy on the Teachers’ Pay! Alas! I am very sorry to say That not all governing bodies had got this underway By the autumn term of 2013, Even though they’d known about it for a very long … Continue reading

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Paragraphs Lost

The Guide to the Law, now withdrawn, was last published by the DfE in May 2012 and was replaced by the Governors’ Handbook  – later rebranded as the Governance Handbook. This poem was written before the introduction of the first Handbook ….   … Continue reading

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The Governors’ Song of D. fE Rulings

Let us go then, you and I, When the agenda is spread across two sides Of A4, like a run of test-print; Let us go, along half-deserted corridors, Through the foyer and the security doors To some far EYFS classroom … Continue reading

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So farewell, Mr Gove …

Written after Michael Gove’s move from the Department for Education in July 2014. *See also: Farewell then, contenders (July 2016) So. Farewell Then – Michael Andrew Gove We didn’t ever call you by Your middle name And most of the … Continue reading

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This Be The Challenge

One of the implements I suggest for the “toolkit of techniques to bring effective challenge” is the use of follow up questions (FUQ) – that is to say, not just asking a simple question and listening to the response, but … Continue reading

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Blogging by C2G on a Snowy Evening

Whose posts these are you may not know – They come from Clerk to Governors, though; You will not see my actual name My personal details I don’t show. Even if you think it queer To blog about each new idea … Continue reading

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