Other People’s Work

This page includes links to poems, parodies and pastiches by other people. Please let me know if you are aware of the authors of any verses shown as anonymous.

Randy Rainbow’s parody songs

Autumn Afternoon – Christopher Matthew (From “Now We are Sixty”)

Passover Funk – parody of Uptown Funk

Chip Pan on Fire – the Everly Pregnant Brothers’ 2016 hit, in aid of Shelter and Age UK

tribute to Terry Wogan, written  by Joanna Lumley and Richard Stilgoe

You may be interested in a collection of parodies, to be found on Jeremy Nicholas’s website: http://jeremynicholas.com/category/verse-parodies/

Examples from his collection:

Gilbert and Sullivan fans may wish to browse these parodies.
(eg “I’ve got a little list“, from The Mikado)

Weird Al’s songs include:

Eat it (youtube) based on Michael Jackson’s – Beat It (youtube)

Like a Surgeon – performed by Weird Al Yankovic (youtube)