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I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one I’d like to leave a legacy, a pension, when life’s done. I’d like the Treasury’s adherence to the principles of fair trade So that what I leave in benefits … Continue reading

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The King’s Butter

This is not so much a dig at Tesco’s (because, for all I know, other supermarkets take the same approach to shelf positioning) but a warning about misleading advertising and branding. Willow, a spread made almost entirely from vegetable fats, claims … Continue reading

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When a child’s run down

See other campaigns …. Update on January 13th  – there is now a working light! Hurrah! ……… This song is dedicated to both Cheshire East Highways and Scottish Power. I hope that they will be able to work together to … Continue reading

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So. Farewell Then, Contenders …

Written after Michael Gove’s elimination from the Conservative leadership contest in July 2016. (See also So farewell, Mr Gove … , written after Mr Gove’s departure from the DfE in July 2014) So. Farewell Then – Michael Andrew Gove We didn’t ever call you … Continue reading

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Mendacity: the Mystery Facts

From Old Possum’s Book of Political Gaffes Evidence: the pudding’s proof – at decision-making’s core, In criminal investigations, it’s what underpins the law. To the bafflement of voting folk, the electorate’s despair, When Brexit claims are scrutinised – the evidence’s … Continue reading

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The Song of Sayonara

by Clerkie Wadsworth Longfellow Part XXII: Clerk to Governors’ Departure By the River Itchen’s exit, By the Solent’s Big-Sea-Water, At the doorway of retirement, In the pleasant summer morning, Clerk to Governors stood and waited. All the air was full … Continue reading

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To My Green and Yellow Idol

There’s a source of governor training to the north of sunny Crewe.There’s an office in the Birchwood Business Park,Where a highly focussed woman, by the name of Ruth AgnewSeeks to optimise the work of board and clerk.She’s a Governor Mark … Continue reading

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Winning a Gold Star

Would you like to win a gold star? Carry plaudits home in a jar? And be better off than you are – or would you rather get a four? A four is the judgement that you don’t want to seek … Continue reading

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In praise of the NGA

Oh, yes – feel the love each February 14th …… Wanting a warm, meaningful and supportive partnership? Looking for someone you can depend on, who really understands your needs, and who can offer you something special? Are you making the … Continue reading

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If you can be in school from early morning Not leaving till the meeting ends at ten, While knowing that tomorrow’s Parents’ Evening Will mean you get to do it all again; If you can represent your setting’s workforce, But … Continue reading

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