Haiku Calendar for 2011

January 2011
Review to take place
of National Curriculum:
Call for Evidence

February 2011
First Munro report
on child protection matters
shifts safeguarding focus

March 2011
Targets for Year 5
no longer have to be set
by each December

April 2011
in all forms addressed by the
Equality Act

May 2011
“Learning from the Best”
– Ofsted’s view on outstanding
School Governance

June 2011
Teachers’ strike takes place
and industrial action
affects many schools

July 2011
Ofsted still expect
school self evaluation
but withdraw the SEF

replaces FMSiS as new
Financial Standard

August 2011
Provision of SIPs
by local authorities
is widely withdrawn

September 2011
Draft criteria
for the new Ofsted framework
are published this month

Go(ve) Compare website
gives access to database
of UK schools

October 2011
Ofsted’s Parent View
website offers means to give
feedback on your school

Charlie Taylor writes
“Getting the Simple Things Right”
behaviour checklist

November 2011
School Toilets Day
may not seem that important
but is worth a look

Education Act
gets Royal Assent

December 2011
Expert panel make
their National Curriculum

and the predicted calendar for 2012

January 2012:
The Guide to the Law
is withdrawn, in order to
reduce paperwork …   (just joshing then but – guess what? )

(A haiku poem
has seventeen syllables
arranged in three lines)

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