Aid All White / Pale Advice

 Some singalong words regarding the format of the guidance and the ease of the navigation available on the new DfE pages of the website …  (Sing along to the tune of Edelweiss)

NB The DfE moved all their content to Gov.UK, and closed their website at the end of March 2014. The old material has been archived.

Pale advice, a new website,
Every page looks the same now.
Aid all white, big and bright,
Things can be found if you know how.

Gov.UK is a site you may
Be one day abusing.
Themed in white, but not quite right –
Good luck to all who are using!

Pale advice, aid all white,
A source of minor frustration.
Clean and bright, but on the site
There’s not yet clear navigation.

DfE docs will transfer across –
Some already have been.
It’s all so white, so very white,
Oh, for the DfE’s blue theme!

 (Sing along to the tune of Edelweiss)

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