Didn’t know, didn’t know …

Do you know? Do you know? (ie: Are you familiar with what’s in the latest version of the Ofsted handbook?)

Reading the words below will probably generate one of two responses – the slow headshake of non-recognition, or an irresistible urge to, however unwillingly, start mumbling to the tune of “Let it Go” .

The snow glows white on the playground tonight
Not a governor to be seen.
There’s a feeling of desolation, and it looks like Ofsted’s been.
The fog is lifting and the scales fall from our eyes
Couldn’t take it in;
It’s been a big surprise …

Don’t tell me now,
Don’t say you knew
Don’t smile and gloat – it could as well been you.
We tried, relied
On the head’s say-so
Well, now we know

Didn’t know, didn’t know
There’s no hiding it anymore
Didn’t know, didn’t know
It was always a closed door
“I can’t share
what they’re going to say
in the draft report”
But then grades never bothered us anyway….

It’s funny how the handbook
Makes everything so clear
And the questions to the governors
Don’t fill us with such fear

It’s time to do what we should do
To set the targets and break through
It’s all accountability
We see!

Now we know, now we know
We are one with the SLT
Now we know, now we know
We can check each priority
Looking out not looking up
There’s a new regime…

We did not know the handbook was for us to read!
We let the head determine information we might need…
Now one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
We’re never going back, the past is in the past

Now we know, now we know
We’ll take a more active stance
Now we know, now we know
The school will have every chance.
Here we’ll stand
And here we’ll stay
Let inspection come –
Ofsted can visit us any day!

Why not sing along to the tune of Let it Go?

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